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Blc. Frank Fordyce

Blc. Frank Fordyce

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Light: Bright indirect (slight morning or afternoon direct sun ok)

Temperature: 55F-90F

Water: 1-2 times per week 

These young seedlings in a 4” diameter pot are starting to bloom now! Grown from seed (not clones) each is a genetic individual, so variations in color from pink to orangish will occur from plant to plant. 

This type of Cattleya hybrid stays compact with a bright color and pleasing fragrance, making it ideal for in-home growing.

Cattleya like to be watered generously with each watering, but also need to dry out between waterings. In the average home, a drenched to bone-dry cycle takes 3-5 days, which is why we recommend watering 1-2 times per week depending on what time of year it is (more in summer, less in winter).

Like most orchids, this plant will appreciate the gentle air movement of a fan in the room to help with drying out between watering.



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