Our ECO Team

Rich in skill, talent, and some of the most knowledgeable people you'll meet. These are the folks who make all of this happen, the people who make our plant nursery the best it can be for all our customers.

Joe, Owner of ECO

The mastermind of it all. This is the man responsible for cultivating the largest retail selection of orchids to the PNW, and is regarded in our little section of the world as the STOK, aka the South Tacoma Orchid King. When he’s not busy playing Risk, he’s out picking up plants, delivering wholesale orders, and training his young proteges with the earnest conviction that a true grower like himself possesses.

Ayden, Merchandising & Retail Experience

Ayden is industrious and hard working. He helped pot up over 200 Aroids this past summer and when he dropped in to hang out at the start of his winter break, watching his eyes pop at his own work was supreme.

The plants he potted have grown considerably in a few short months, much like the man himself. He’s already different than when he was here over Summer, more capable and confident with the plants, more mature as a person.

Joshua, Digital Marketing & Online Store Manager

Joshua will be our baby duck. He has an intrinsic understanding of the plant business unlike any young person we’ve met before. When his wings come in, the sky is the limit in this business for him. He is responsible for our new website, online inventory and has organized the evening entertainment for our January Pop-up. It turns out Joshua is a talented vocalist, singing opera and jazz.

We see the ore of a great grower in this one and will begin to forge that into a future leader in this industry. Hopefully our customers will enjoy his enthusiasm for plants, especially aroids, as much as we do.

Andres, Wholesale & Customer Relations

Andres is the oldest of our new hires, but still quite young. He and his partner bought a house recently and immediately converted a big chunk of it into a sunroom, where Andres is attempting to recreate the climate of cloud forests in the Oaxaca region, a daunting task. This is exactly the kind of crazy-shit plant nerd we want working here. Who does that?

Enthusiasm like his cannot be contained, merely focused in one direction or another. He will be good out the gate, but we intend to fill his head with orchid information and turn him loose on our most inquisitive customers.

Daniel, Retail & Design

Dan is a recent transplant from the east coast and a jack of all trades with extensive knowledge of aroids, graphic design, photography, and growing vegetables. His hope for his new home is to design, camp, and grow plants in that order.

Shaunte, Retail and Labwork

Many of her friends call her "plant hospice", as one of her favorite things to do is rescue and rehab sick plants, and it is a testament to her kind and caring personality. In addition to her obsession with plants, indicative of her 150-plant collection, she's also an animal-obsessed artist who enjoys all things science, nature, and fashion. An avid gamer, adventure-seeking photographer, and huge foodie, Shaunte is a force of joy, and we are so lucky to have her on our team.