Emerald City Orchids


Quality florists, interior designers, and hospitality industry professionals in the Seattle area know that Emerald City Orchids is the single best source for fresh cut orchids and potted orchid plants. Since 2008, our mission has been to bring orchids of superior quality to the people of the Pacific Northwest.

For cut flowers, we work directly with growers all over America and world-wide, avoiding auctions and other pitfalls that compromise freshness and price. Our tropical cut-flower import program brings fresh cuts directly to us in Seattle, as opposed to working with importers and freight forwarders in New York, Miami, or Los Angeles. The result is a floral product that lasts longer and costs less.

For the Pacific Northwest’s largest selection of cut orchids and tropicals, the freshest product, and the best price, there is no equal.

We also have the largest selection of the best quality orchid plants in Puget Sound. In addition to the orchids we grow, this diverse inventory is selected from expert growers around the world. Our quest for the best orchids has taken us to the orchid hotspots of North America, as well as regions in Europe, Asia, Central and South America, all to provide the selection and quality our customers demand.

white and purple orchid
yellow orchid